Enhancing Jewellery

Get Immersive Experience with Augmented Reality



Ammazza! provides smooth and flawless experience of Augmented Reality: Virtual Try-On,
for Jewellery.

Unique by Design

Ammazza! provides smooth and flawless experience of Augmented Reality making it feel like a mirror.

Straightforward Features

Features and insights that are not just Lucrative, but also helps key decision makers to get ahead in the race of this industry.

Top Notch Customer Support

A tailored support for each Customer makes Ammazza! stand sui generis in this industry.

Ammazza! Treasure

Make your showroom a
Smart showroom

Ammazza brings to you Augmented Reality based virtual try on for Jewellery

  • Show more Jewellery with less Inventory
  • Customer can try before buying
  • Reduces human efforts
  • Customer attraction & engaging point
  • Different data and analytics offers Deep insights

Dashboard provides you the deep business intelligence

A unique dashboard that provides detail related to each jewellery. This also includes deep insights like reactions recorded for each jewellery after Try-On, deep Customer demographics and much more.

Ammazza! Web Plugin

Digitize your website with
Virtual TRY-On

Ammazza! Web Plugin

  • Quality Leads
  • Better Reach and Global Presence
  • Saves Time
  • Brand Value & Recognition
  • Casual try is prompt to buy

With amazing features of Ammazza! keep your users engaged

Ammazza! Web Plugin gives an end to end experience of an online shopping along with Virtual Try-On for the customers sitting at home. Not only filter, but you can also compare two different jewellery and share it simultaneously for easy decision making.

Web Plugin Try-On

  • Increasing engagement with the website
  • Multiple Try-Ons for every jewellery
  • Global Brand Reach and Presence
  • Reduce Return Rates

Treasure Try-On

  • Attracting Customers
  • Try-Before Buy
  • Higher Customer Retention
  • Lower Damage and Theft Risk

Frequently asked questions

  • What does Ammazza offer?

    Ammazza! Provides AR-based Virtual Try-On feature for the jewelry. Moreover, we provide free integration to your website/mobile app.

  • Which type of jewellery customer can try for Virtual Try-On?

    You can allow your customers to Try-On your jewelry, including “Earrings, Sets, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Watches, Mang tikka, and Nose pins.”

  • How do I add Virtual Try-On in my website?

    Integrating Ammazza! Web Plugin is super easy and takes just 30-40 minutes to integrate Virtual Try-On feature in your website. You can create Account from this page, then you will recieve an E-mail with all the steps and integration documents.

  • Will Virtual Try-On Work on my website build in Wordpress/Shopify technology?

    Yes, Ammazza! Web Plugin can be integrated in all the websites build on any technology/platform.

  • What kind of images are required to upload for the Virtual Try-On?

    For uploading, you will need images in 2D format with .PNG format with a transparent background.

  • What framework you have used for the Web Plugin?

    We have hosted our Admin Panel in AWS server for highest level of security. In Backend we have used Node JS and in Frontend we have used Angular.

  • Is integrating Virtual Try-On in my website absolutely free? Can I integrate Virtual Try-On for free in my website?

    Yes, Ammazza! Gold Plan offers free integration to your website. You can also upload your best 100 products for Try-On free of cost.

  • How to upload images for Virtual Try-On?

    There will be backend or lets say Admin Panel where you can easily upload the pictures, add product description and adjust the size of the jewellery. Check this video

  • Do I need to send my images to you for uploading?

    No, you will have all the rights to your account in the Admin Panel from where you can upload jewellery products by yourself.

  • What is Ammazza! Treasure?

    It is an In-store application which runs on iPad for best performance and stability. It allows your customers try many jewellery pieces virtually in a minimal time. Ammazza! Treasure helps make your showroom a smart showroom.

  • How much time is needed to integarte Virtual Try-On in the website/mobile App?

    Integrating Ammazza! Web Plugin is super easy and takes just 30-40 minutes to integrate Virtual Try-On feature in your website/mobile app.

  • What other features do you provide except Virtual Try-On?

    "AMMAZZA" an out-of-box multi-utility product in the market of jewellery with the fusion of AR (Augmented Reality) + AI (Artificial Intelligence) + BI (Business Intelligence) allows users to instantly share the Try-On image, provides Analytical Dashboard Reports. Furthermore, there is Real Time Comparison feature which offers users to try and compare the jewellery of their choices.

  • Does Ammazza offer its services to international jewellery brands?

    Yes, Our service is not limited to India only. We also provide services to international jewelry brands; having valuable clientele in countries like USA, UAE, UK, and Australia.

  • Will I get support while integrating Virtual Try-On in my website/mobile App? Will I get personal Assistance while integrating Virtual Try-On?

    Yes, Our Technical Team will assist you in the integration process. You can book an appointment prior.