Ammazza! Treasure

Show more jewellery with less inventory

Ammazza Treasure has a customer attraction & engaging point ready to deploy

Enter a new era of
jewellery experience

Ammazza! Treasure with its uniqueness to showcase your best jewellery in enormous forms

Augmented Reality
based virtual try on
Data & Analytics offers
Deep Insights
Customers can try
many jewellery

Customer attraction & engaging point

  • Ammazza’s magic of Virtual Try-On turns your jewellery into a point of attraction for your customers
  • Make your jewellery inventory easily accessible to your audiences and let them try as many as they can from your wide range of designs.
  • Stand out of your competition and increase sales by adopting a digital platform over your traditional sales process.

With Augmented Reality based virtual Try-On, try jewellery just anywhere.

Crossing the technical barriers, team Ammazza has provided Virtual Try-On for the customers as well on their Smart phone now. Thus, there are no limitations now, when your Jewellery Design can not reach in any corner of the world.

REAL TIME COMPARISON Ammazza! Treasure with its unique features

Ammazza! Real time comparison feature makes the Virtual Try-On unique as it allows users to compare two jewelleries at the same time helping to make purchasing decisions easy and flawless to the users. Furthermore your customers can try as many designs as they like and that too in no time.

Ammazza provides deep business intelligence

Ammazza will help you collect relevant data to generate many analytics to decide your future course of actions. It’s an effective Industry 4.0 tool for you to use it & make the best out of it. From Planning the manufacturing & Scheduling your inventory to keeping an eye on the Performances of your sales team by their deal closure percent-age. You will have most relevant data to play with and to plan accordingly.

Want to deliver more than your customers wished for?

Ammazza lets your customers try many jewellery pieces virtually by AR try-on platform for retail brands in the jewellery industry. Don’t let your customer go the other way by minimizing their trial options With Ammazza, you can offer the best jewellery try-on option with quantity and quality, and we never compromise with the quality factor.

Give your store visitors a magical jewellery experience