Ammazza Virtual Jewellery Try-On will transform the way you interact with your customers

Augmented reality is a technology of superimposing virtual elements on a photo or a video stream. The idea is to apply this principle to a portrait (photo or video) to enrich it with a virtual jewel. It only requires a computer, tablet or mobile, equipped with a webcam and an Internet connection.

Research and Development

Our goal is to provide augmented reality close to a real mirror, online, in-store on specific terminals, on mobiles. To ensure the most realistic Augmented Reality (AR) experience possible, we offer:

  • Digitalization of jewellery
  • Face recognition
  • Augmented reality (AR) solution

It adapts the experience of wearing jewellery online by webcam or photo, depending on the device used, based on algorithms that take measurements on the key characteristics of the human face: the distance between the eyes—edges of the nose, corners of the lips, ears, etc. Ammazza thus offers a fluid mirror experience thanks to perfect face tracking, product scaling, and real-time positioning.

This technology is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and it allows easy integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence for real-time recognition of different parts of the body. Image recognition automatically detects the target body area (wrist, finger, ear, neck).

The first step provides information on the essential data for the test. Scaling relies on artificial intelligence based on a Saas platform, and it does not require any particular application or update download.

Augmented Reality

The second step uses augmented reality to place the jewel in the desired position and follow its movement. It also allows you to take a photo of the jewel wearing and share it on social networks.


The customer chooses a model and clicks on the button to launch the application, thus trying on the selected jewel.

  1. The customer chooses a model and clicks on the button
  2. Customers can select the webcam or uploads a photo to discover the product on themselves or a loved one
  3. Customers can zoom in to observe the minor details of the jewel. They also can orient the angle of the jewel and enlarge it to have more information.

A ready-to-use solution

There is a simple script to add to your site to access our solution on your product sheets. Our technology adapts to all e-commerce platforms without any special programming skills.

We also offer you to customize our solution to be as close to your brand image.