Get rid of storing excessive inventory in your showroom?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the biggest fear and anxiety in the minds of the human beings living on this earth, which urged the need to find a way to bring lost relations back on track. This havoc built fear in the minds of human beings. It got big companies like Apple, Google, etc., to execute a shutdown to protect themselves and all those employees who have been working in these giant companies from the clutches of this virus.

Such was the fear caused by one of the most significant viruses called Corona. As a result, the globe adopted to accept locking themselves down inside their homes to save themselves from being affected.

This COVID-19 pandemic made humans sit on their toes and made big business empires around the globe face the inconvenience created by the pandemic. Companies like Microsoft, Reliance, including all small and big corporates, retailers, wholesalers to find a way to fight this deadliest situation.

Due to this, people were forced to remain at a distance, which also affected various businesses.  

This adversely affected some businesses like manufacturing, jewellery, offline clothing stores, where physical contact and conversation with customers and clients was a compulsion, which had witnessed considerable setback.

For that niche business industry, it was a difficult task to sustain their businesses from facing losses.

A business like jewellery couldn’t bring its customers and generate sales, as the mechanism of this industry working was based only on offline mode. The jewellery business demanded complete face-to-face contact with the proposed customers. Here, seeing and trying jewellery at a jewellers shop was required, but which unfortunately had been disturbed due to COVID-19.

The businesses thought out various ways to uplift themselves but couldn’t help themselves cope with the diminishing to negligible returns.

Some businesses where customer contact was necessary to complete adopted technological concepts like augmented reality and virtual reality to serve their customers.

Some clothing, accessories and related businesses adopted a concept named virtual try-on to grow their customer engagement and take a step towards growing their businesses.

Since the initiation and compulsion of virtuality have emerged rapidly, the adaption of Virtual Try-On has become a necessity for every business industry.

But what exactly is Virtual Try-On, and how does it help different businesses?

What is Virtual Try-On?

A virtual try-on concept is used by businesses nowadays to serve their customers located in remote areas. i.e., Due to this pandemic effect, some customers are still afraid of moving out of their homes and are avoiding offline shopping and purchase. 

So, this Virtual Try-On allows such customers to try their favourite shopping product by just sitting at their homes where using a particular try-on shopping app of their desired shop can enable them to test products at home and allow them to buy it.

Why does this Jewellery Try-On are worth all the necessary integration?

A try-on would help businesses in various ways:-

  1. It can help businesses reduce the product maintenance cost as it will provide a feature of the augmented product that will have a lookalike feel, which will give an experience of reality.
  2. It would also reduce the chances of inventory theft as all the products out for sale would be virtually available for trial purposes only.
  3. It can also help in knowing what kind of product a customer has liked and saved, so on that basis, they can make a few necessary moderations.
  4. These moderations would allow businesses to provide new products and also decrease unnecessary costs.

So based on these advantages of Virtual Try-On, businesses can make inventory analytics more appropriate.

Still, I guess you won’t believe me and would try to prove me wrong about Virtual Try-On. So, to clarify your confusion, let me spotlight some prominent examples of companies that have started using virtual try-on to communicate with their customers.

Below are the five well-known giants who have leveraged virtual try-on to prosper their business and prevent it from making losses caused by this pandemic:-

  1. Michael Korus for glasses try-on on Facebook
  2. M.A.C cosmetics virtual makeup for Youtube
  3. ModiFace by Loreal
  4. Nike Fit by Nike
  5. Gucci: Virtual try-on for shoes

So, you would have struck a thought in your mind regarding the centre theme of my blog, i.e., it is based on how businesses can make themselves profitable using Virtual Try-On?

Now, you would wonder that some big companies like YouTube, LensKart, Nike found Virtual Try-On successful, but what about small businesses and showrooms. How would they sustain themselves in these difficult times?

Some emerging and new IT personnel brainstormed their minds and found a solution that holds the capability of helping these small retailers and showroom owners prosper their businesses.

One such innovation developed by one of the renowned IT companies is named Ammazza. This development was innovated to uplift and garner the businesses of the Jewellery industry.

Now, let me brief you about Ammazza and how it can help the showrooms profit their businesses.

What is Ammazza?

It is an augmented reality-based virtual try-on app for Jewellery that is a product company of WebOccult Technologies, which developed this product in the year 2019 for helping jewellers in maintaining relationships with their loyal customers.

Ammazza Virtual Try-On works in delivering excellent customer and business convenience through its varied features.

Before knowing how Ammazza outpasses its competitors, let us know some features provided by Try-on apps in the jewellery industry.

  1. Customers can try jewellery before actually buying it.
  2. It can reduce chances of theft
  3. Can help in reducing inventory maintenance costs.
  4. Jewellers can maintain data of their customers based on which inventory they tried.
  5. They can also maintain order records and analyze which stocks to hold and which ones to omit.

These are some of the varied features every try-on app provides to its clients.

How does Ammazza outpass these competitors?

There are various distinct features that Ammazza provides to its clients.

The features are as follows:-

  1. It provides an accessible web plugin that big jewellery clients can easily integrate into their website by just availing services.
  2. Ammazza also provides its clients with a currency modulation feature to assign different currencies based on the regions.
  3. A user can get a good idea about what kind of jewellery fits them or which jewel suits them by running an easy comparison between all the jewellery they like.
  4. Any customer from any corner of the world can try this try-on at any point in time.
  5. The customers can also share their tried jewellery with their dear ones to get a comparative opinion of what suits better on them.

So, these are some of the comparative differences that can give you a clear picture about how and on what basis Ammazza Virtual Jewellery Try On surpasses all its major competitors.