Try Before You Buy: How AR Is Redefining The Shopping Experience

Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that we are no longer amazed by previously dreamlike achievements. There are many technological advancements we have seen in the field of the communication industry and information technology. Advances, especially in the mobile phones, to carry out many activities professionally and for entertainment viz., news, music, videos, etc., including access for the social network all things from a mobile phone with the help of technology.

However, if there is one technology that has turned out to be life-changing technology over the last decade is Augmented Reality. AR technology remains to cause the WOW of anyone who uses it. AR technology allows us to visualise a three-dimensional object in any space or surface more realistic.

A few decades ago, many brands and sellers blew away with E-commerce stores’ arrival. Today, many retailers started thinking that Augmented Reality is a goofy, expensive and ineffective gimmick.

E-commerce is currently a booming industry, and it’s projected to make $6 trillion in 2022; consumers still have some concerns when shopping for products through a screen. Fortunately, some brands have taken this into account and found a way to allow consumers to have a try-on of products and services before purchasing with the help of AR technology.

Not only is it a more user-friendly and easy-to-implement technology for retailers and online sellers, but it will soon be an essential part of the digital shopping experience.

How ‘Try Before Buy’ option is beneficial for the brands?

Buying online is undoubtedly very common these days. ‘Try before buy’ option is becoming essential for customers and brands both, for benefits such as:

Cost-Effective: The Try-on service will cost within the brand’s reach. You do not have to pay additionally for any infrastructure or staff members to convince consumers to purchase your products.

Convenient: Buying online with the help of a virtual try-on will allow your customers to try your product from the comfort of their home or from anywhere, without wasting time in long queues in the showroom’s trial room.

Compare and Buy option: Customers will have the option to compare various products during the try-on process and make the best decision while purchasing your service or product.

Before acquiring your service or product, you must make sure you know and identify your company’s needs and what advantages or added value you can have with the purchase you make. In this way, it will be easier to assess your provider and the benefits offered by their services or products.

Many brands offer unique try-before-you-buy features that businesses can get from them. Who knows, maybe you will find the model that you can emulate for your business.

“Currently, the AR technology has developed enough so that a user does not know how to distinguish if what they are seeing is real or not.” – Javier Cabañero, CEO of Dypsela.

According to ‘’, 76% of consumers say they buy more things online if a ‘try-before-buy option is available. Thus, augmented reality has come as the perfect answer to an urgent demand.

The brands have developed AR  visualisation of furniture to visualise its fitting in the Living room or Drawing room wherever customers want to place at the best spot.

 AR visualisation
AR visualisation

For this reason, the bigwigs of global sales and Players of Ecommerce are already taking the Augmented Reality proposals into their expansion plans.

Google bought Magic Leap, Apple did the same with Metaio, and Facebook paid for the famous virtual glasses maker Oculus. Likewise, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba or ASOS are developing their initiatives for the same reason.

How ‘Try Before Buy’ option is beneficial for online buyers and its impact on the purchase decision?

The indecision of buying online often has to do with the consumer not seeing the product on site. The possibility that it does not serve you and you have to return it is very demotivating.

Try before buy option allows you to ‘play’ with products even better than you can in a physical store. You can test each thing in the exact place where you want to place or apply it. The most popular use is in design, decor, and clothing, but the possibilities are endless.

Customise product suggestions

It will be much easier to upsell and cross-sell to customers, as customers will experience the typical “Related Products” section first-hand. This way, displaying the products makes it more visually attractive and convincing to compare different products and choose products to add to the shopping cart.

 AR visualisation

Customers often have enough technical knowledge of knowing how great a 70-inch TV is instead of choosing the 50-inch one. However, if customers can see how it looks on their living room wall, the outcome will undoubtedly be more convincing and impressive.

Preview the final purchase

Many users regret or doubt some products when reviewing the shopping cart and tend to ‘lighten it’.

Seeing all the added products, for example, the accessories of a set try-before-buy makes it easier for buyers to have a more precise idea of ​​what they are paying for and replace compulsive buying with more informed decisions.

Preview the final purchase

AR allows you to view garments in different models with the ‘See My Fit’ function.

Improve the shopping experience

Improve the shopping experience
Improve the shopping experience

In general, the entire process of previewing and purchasing a product becomes more simple, faster and interactive for users. For example, instead of opening multiple tabs in a browser, spending a lot of time reading descriptions and comparison tables, and scrolling through lists looking for the perfect product, the buyer only needs to interact with a screen that puts a whole catalogue on a cart of tried products.

Increased emotional satisfaction

One of the primary things that matter is having satisfaction while purchasing the product online. Online shopping has replaced this emotional element. Augmented reality brings this dynamic element to the shopping digitally experience of the feeling satisfaction close to the product first hand, even if it is virtual.

Increased emotional satisfaction
Increased emotional satisfaction

Observing objects in Augmented Reality causes a tremendous response that photographs or videos cannot. And users feel more empowered since they can study the product in their environment, for as long as they need, without an employee asking them to please not touch anything.

How to Get Started using AR Technology?

Technologies like AR based Virtual tryon of Ammazza bring various solutions to help jewellers implement augmented reality in their sales journey.

Ammazza Tryon
Ammazza Tryon

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