Want a Thriving Business? Focus On Augmented Reality!

Augmented Reality is also known as a transformative technology. It is the connecting link between the real world and Virtual Reality. Each scenario in Augmented Reality will indeed immerse you in a real photo or video. AR technology has been used to develop many applications. In recent years, it has burst into the cinema, television, video game, and many industries and is open to the general public in developed countries by window shopping.

Because of the evolution of this technology, it’s intended for automation use only. However, the whole scenario has changed; AR now is not just limited to automation, but for even more, such as a tool for learning, making the product more reliable, assisting during production operations, maintenance, or conceptualising products for commercial distribution. The craze for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is exceptional, and the market share of these technologies is, For example, is expected to be around $250 billion.

Improves the security concerns

Improves the security concerns

Security remains a fundamental concern of any industry or business. It can not be deceived under any circumstances, whether for a reason, video, for example, beyond this primary mission, law,  beyond this primary mission. Augmented Reality makes it possible to identify and secure areas at risk for the administrator more quickly. It is vigilance (i.e., attention) that helps humans eradicate any mistakes in business.

Stand out using Augmented Reality during your events.

In 2015, the global B2B events industry amounted to a staggering 29.3 billion Euros  – this new age looks set to continue the trend of steady growth and increased investment for this dynamic and flourishing market.

Augmented Reality

For emerging technologies, this is good news, like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (RM) existence. AR, in particular, is gaining popularity in the retail industry, with innovation professionals and business managers employing it for a variety of reasons.

Augmented Reality applications bring customer engagement, entertainment, and education around new immersive technologies sought at retail shops, showrooms, malls, websites, and general business events.

Augmented Reality

Being a retailer or a going business person is a bit like being a peacock. You need to get noticed, and to achieve this, you need to flaunt your large, colourful feathers and stand out from the crowd.

The general purpose of using Augmented Reality for business is to differentiate your brand and not offer from the competition. But, of course, for example, the video has many other elements worth researching using AR beyond this primary mission. These include increasing sales, building product and service showcases, and improving customer engagement.

Augmented Reality for business

The good news is that business professionals now select Augmented Reality technologies to choose from when trying to achieve their goals. The different types of Augmented Reality, for instance, are based on a device the audience is using. Therefore, it is the easiest way to use and benefit from Augmented Reality. This technology is simply colourful based on a smartphone or tablet used to interact with AR content.

The most obvious example of this type of Augmented Reality is Pokémon GO. Still, with the introduction of ARKit (a development platform for iOS mobile devices) and ARCore(Google’s platform for building augmented reality experiences) on iOS and Android devices, respectively, we will soon see several innovative and improved Augmented Reality apps. Augmented Reality is the most accessible technology for users and is perfect for marketing the business.

Augmented Reality passes real-time virtual information, graphics, and videos to the real-world environment, usually via a smartphone, tablet, or an immersive device such as an Augmented Reality headset.

Augmented Reality Mirror

Augmented Reality Mirror

The name suggests a reflective surface or screen on which additional images or information displays in the surrounding environment. For example, video is used in salons and clothing stores in many countries, allowing customers to see different styles without changing clothes or taking out the hair clipper. As part of business, the Augmented Reality Mirror helps capture the people’s attention, offering a unique way to demonstrate products or entertain customers with AR technology.

How will Augmented Reality base Applications will help you to get a thriving business?

The list of advantages of using Augmented Reality based apps for business is growing. The potential is simply limitless. But to give you some food for thought, we’ve narrowed it down to three of the best:

1. What Consumer sees is to believe

Product demonstrations are an integral part of retail and product-driven businesses. But for some companies that sell merchandise, apparel, and other physical goods or products, it can be difficult for them to impress and captivate a target audience. As a result, the video of products will go no further to capture the imagination of the participants; exhibitors need something more engaging. 

Augmented reality’s interactive nature allows visitors to explore content and experience another level of understanding when viewing a product’s functionality. For example:

AUgmented Reality Mirror
In the Footwear Industry, Converse made early strides within the footwear space with its try-on. They made an app that permits consumers to visualise shoes on their feet. Nike has taken this idea to a whole new level, ensuring consumers choose the shoes that fit their feet. The Nike Fit app, a virtual app, uses a mixture of AR, data science, machine learning, AI and recommendation algorithms to live the complete shape of a user’s feet and know the right fit for each Nike shoe style.

2. Helps to boost sales of your business space

The success of a trustworthy business largely depends on your ability to attract visitors to your shop and keep them long enough to listen to your speech. You can entertain participants with games unrelated to your product, offer hands-on demonstrations, or help try on the products. But one of the best ways to generate traffic is to use Augmented Reality. Unfortunately, AR remains new to many, and the magic has not yet worn off.

For example, Pfister Faucets’ used AR technology at KBIS 2017, the largest trade show for the kitchen and bathroom industry. Yet, they managed to make their product stand out in a room full of competing faucets (Taps) and hoses (long plastic or rubber tube) by offering something different.

3. Create a substantial buzz

Engagement is essential, and it is one of the primary metrics to measure the success of an event. Augmented Reality boosts engagement levels and creates a buzz on social networks by encouraging participants to interact with content and share the results with the help of AR tools and techniques utilised to develop word of mouth around the audiences.

Why Jewelers need to invest in AR Technology

Talking about AR Technology in the jewellery industry, there is a high demand for technology to bring customers to your business. With AR, jewellers can redefine the shopping experience for the customers. AR-based Virtual Reality enables users to try on the jewellery of the jeweller’s inventory of Jewellery. With the help of Virtual Reality try-on, users can quickly try their performance from anywhere from their devices, whether desktop or mobile devices, with cameras.

AUgmented Reality for Jewellery

The Jewellers can easily reach the customer by integrating the jewellery try-on on the jewellery website or application. Taking care of these things will give you unique brand recognition, stand out from competitors and boost your sales. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to earn your potential customers before it’s late. But it is never late as ever; Ammazza’s Augmented Reality based Virtual Try-On can do the work for you. You’re just a call away, talk to our expert, or you can even reach us out by mail.