Why You May Need to have Virtual try-on for your business?

The presence of the Internet and the possibility of interacting over long distances has allowed the rise of new business professions. Innovation in business communication with customers is one of the key elements for the growth of a business. Especially looking at the current pandemic situation, many businesses are currently looking for the best way to reach out to their customers online.

Digitalization has changed the lifestyle of many, including consumers’ decision making and method of shopping. The year 2020 is considered a landmark in the adoption of Virtual Reality based products. The Covid-19 pandemic helped its adoption, so the trends in 2021-22 only predict greater use and impact in various sectors of the business world and economy.

According to an analysis by ReportsnReports, the market value of using AR technology is estimated to reach just over $ 60 billion by 2023. There is no doubt that its popularity has increased in recent years. Many businesses are providing their customers being able to try out products before buying them. But, as shopping increasingly moves online, businesses are striving to offer an amazing user experience through their website and mobile application. Fortunately, the advancing virtual try-on technology makes it available to try on almost everything in only in few seconds – from shoes, jewellery, clothes, etc to users.

The Virtual try-on technology opens the doors to many business opportunities that go beyond the traditional way of shopping. Today, social networks and website are not the only way for interacting with customers for business in the face of a new tool, the Augmented Reality based Virtual Try-on for business products.

How remarkable Virtual Try-on is for the business world?

Augmented reality, or AR, is a technology surrounded by immersive technologies. It consists of virtual elements within a genuine context through an application compatible with different devices. Whether it’s, Desktop, Tablet or Smartphones, this may sound a bit complicated to you, but indeed you have interacted with an augmented reality-based virtual try-on application before.

Perhaps the best-known examples are some filters on social networking platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat. The user is perfectly capable of differentiating between both worlds and interacting with images, videos, 3D objects or animations.

However, the virtual try-on experience is capable of producing immediate reactions in getting the user’s attention. And, therefore, it has wide applications and dedicated systems in the business world because it conceives desire in the buyer’s perception actually to purchase the tried product by the effect of virtual try-on.

What are the Main Benefits of using Virtual Try-on for business?

As a specialised business looking for giving virtual try-on to users, they often thought about the possibilities of this technology and which sectors and firms virtual try-on can apply it. For better understanding, check out the main benefits of why your business needs the virtual try-on feature:

  • Engagement and inspiration are the top reasons leading brands to create virtual reality marketing experiences for their users. Recognising this will keep your business stay at the technological forefront and attract the audience’s attention.
  • It is a novel technology that will help revitalise the brand’s image, adding extra value to your business 
  • It allows increasing consumer interaction with the brand. It is, therefore, a visibility tool.
  • Its use is not yet widespread among users, so you will always have a surprise factor. It generates unique experiences for customers, different from others that are already more common
  • There are no limits. Different sectors utilize virtual try-on such as Fashion, Clothing and Apparel, Jewellery, Personal Care Services, Shoes,  Accessories, Makeup, etc.
  • Virtual Reality Try-On powered by Augmented Reality, which is combined technology whose cost is not very high.
  • Thanks to mobile phone and tablet apps, and even from the website, it is possible to open an application compatible with Augmented Reality to provide try-on to users.
  • It allows you to create new advertising formats to stand out from competing companies by placing your advertisement in the sponsored product, by which many audiences will have try-on.
  • Well developed, the Virtual try-on app can boost the volume of business sales.
  • People who shop online often return or cancel their order because they can’t try on the products simultaneously when buying from the website. Virtual try-on generates intention in shoppers mind and can seal the deal of purchasing the product.

If you have an impressive and pleasing try-on feature on your website, then it’ll just not result in a rise in sales but will also reduce your product return rate exceptionally.

Virtual Try-on Revolutionizing the ‘Try Before You Buy’ Concept

As more and more retail companies are integrating VR / AR technologies into the customer experience, the concept of ‘test before you buy’ is expanding remarkably. “Look Before You Book”, “Try Before You Apply”, all of which immerse customers in the unique experience of the product. That’s the perfect marketing combo to sell your products.

Introducing the established products to new audiences

VR / AR quality content of try-on takes your product presentation to a new level. It’s a great way to showcase your products or services and create a much more interactive shopping experience. In addition, it allows customers to consume content in a more immersive environment that creates an emotional connection with them.

How Virtual Try-on helps market the products?

Using Virtual Try-on is very beneficial for Digitally Marketing your product because it is increasingly quickly capturing the attention of consumers

An article published by The Drum states that Augmented Reality based Try-on  increases the interaction rate by 20% and the click-through rate by 33% for the purchase in addition to attracting people’s attention for a longer time

This is because AR try-on offers more immersive experiences which turn your brand into a whole new level experience, that is, creating a better positioning of the brand

So much is its impact on the campaigns Deloitte showed a study in which 88% of the organisations belonging to the Mid-market (medium sector) invest in strategies with AR-based technologies, and 10% of marketers use it for smaller firms

Virtual Reality is also proving useful in the physical retail environment as a sanitary option for trying out makeup. Retailer Sephora is among the early adopters, both with its mobile app and its in-store standalone mirror allow users to see how various products look on their faces. 

Virtual Try-Ons’ moving towards a bright future

As the technology evolves and gives users more accurate renderings of how digital objects look in physical spaces, we expect that more and more brands and industries will hop onto Virtual try-on marketing. From fashion and accessories to footwear and Jewellery and beyond, Virtual try-on has the potential to transform and completely reimagine customer experiences. These innovations will help businesses better connect with consumers and empower shoppers to make more informed and accurate purchase decisions, ultimately reducing purchase anxiety.

What is perhaps even more exciting for brands and online retailers beyond the conversion opportunity is its ability to curtail the biggest cost downside of e-commerce returns. AR-based try-on promises to provide a technological way for consumers to correctly and confidently confirm the size and fit of the product. How the size of a new pair of sneakers looks, ensuring how spectacles will fit the eyes, how the jewellery will look, etc. As a result, lower return rates, especially for heavy or bulky items and custom-made products that jewellery cannot easily resell, will be a solution for increasing margins and profitability online.

The role of Virtual Try-on in the jewellery point of sale

A natural use for this technology in this industry is to enhance the shopping experience, as it is an ideal way for the user’s to try the jewellery before they buy it. Let’s see possibilities:

  • At a physical point of sale, you could allow the customer to “try on” jewellery without ever having to remove it from their display cases or, more importantly, jewellery that we only have in digital resources. In other words, designs of a “virtual catalogue” will become more and more common.
  • In a digital point of sale, the virtual try-on would play an even more prominent role. The customer will have the option of interacting from any device, “trying on” all the pieces and set of pieces of jewellery whenever they want and can win the trust of customers.

Virtual Try-on as a tool to give Jewellers extra value

Could augmented reality allow us to add value to jewellers with virtual try-on?

Stop and think about it for a moment, can you imagine? You focus on the piece with your smartphone, and everything comes to life. What impact could it have at the time of sale? And later, once the customer has acquired the jewellery? What sensations could it evoke?

One of the most relevant ways to convince customers to buy a jewellery product is to allow them to use it in real-time to experience its use – see how it looks and works.

Additionally, virtual reality devices are advancing with more powerful processors and systems. Thanks to their greater ease of use and cross-platform capabilities, consumers expect businesses like jewellery to take advantage of this technology to create an intuitive interface experience.

Perhaps the most innovative uses of virtual reality jewellery are the intimate experience of a particular product to offer to customers. It allows you to highlight its most unique features while allowing you to experience it usefully.

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